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Lean Enterprise


Lean Manufacturing Tools (Certified, FETAC L22586)

Lean Enterprise Principles, Introduction

5S Workplace Organisation

SMED/Rapid ChangeOvers

Value Stream Mapping

Kaizen Workshop

Lean Manufacturing Tools (Certified FETAC)

5 Day

Successful candidates become familiar with the concepts and tools available in transitioning from a "traditional" organisation to a Lean Manufacturing operation.
This program equips the candidate to identify the waste in the existing operation, propose a viable Future State and use many of the tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Load-Cycle charts and Kaizen workshops to achieve significant operational improvements.
It is primarily aimed at Manufacturing Managers, Engineers and Technicians.

Candidates can opt for certification to this program by attending the course, completing two assignments and a Lean Manufacturing Project. Course duration is 5 days, although this is spread out over several weeks to allow the projects to progress.

Contents of the programme include: -

Value Stream Mapping

Identifying Waste

Material Flow

5S Workplace Organisation

Standard Work & Load-Cycletime Charts


Teamworking and Chartering

Improvement Cycles            

The full course description can be downloaded here


Lean Enterprise Principles, Introduction

1 Day

Lean Enterprise Principles cover the range of principles that have been found to underly the extraordinary success of many companies in being able to continuously improve the productivity of their operations, while offering improved quality products at shorter leadtimes. Lean Enterprise focuses on identifying the value stream and relentlessly eliminating all wasted activity from the process.

Contents of the programme include overviews of: -

Understanding Value

Lean Benchmarks

Understanding Takt Time

Visual Control

Standard Work

Flow and Pull

Built-in Quality

Materials Systems


5S Workplace Organisation

1 Day

Organisation of the workplace is critical to establishing a productive and constantly improving operation, whether it be a manufacturing, administrative or service organisation. While stressing basic, relentless housekeeping, it also covers significance of regular cleaning, appropriate organisation of tools and supplies and the importance of Visual Control.

Contents of the Programme include: -

Description of the 5 Ss

Significance of Visual Control and Visual Management

Implementation Strategy

Strategy to Ensure On-Going improvement


SMED/Rapid ChangeOvers

1 Day

The time and effort required to complete changeovers in manufacturing processes is one of several drivers of "batch & queue" manufacturing with its associated high inventories and long leadtimes. Analytic tools and focused improvement activity can significantly reduce the changeover time, often to "single minutes"

Contents of the programme include: -

Significance of ChangeOver Time and EOQ

Analysis of Setup

Externalising Activities

Elimination/Reduction of Adjustments


Value Stream Mapping

1 Day

Whenever there is a product for a customer, there is a Value Stream. The challenge lies in seeing it. Once the stream is identified and mapped, it is easier to eliminate the wasted activities that consume resources unnecessarily. Value Stream Mapping is a key tool when implementing Lean Enterprise principles.

Contents of the programme include: -

Preparing a Current State Map

Principles of a Lean Value

Stream Creating the Future State Map

Achieving the Future State


Kaizen Workshop

4-5 Day In - Company

A Kaizen workshop is an intensive in-company improvement activity carried out by a cross-functional team to improve the operational aspect of a certain section of the business. A Kaizen workshop can be directed at establishing flow layout, setup reduction, defect elimination to name but a few.

The approach normally comprises: -

Classroom Training on the Principles & Analytic Tools To Be Used

Process Observation, Mapping & Data Collection

Improvement Proposals

Proposal Implementation

Feedback & Analysis of Results Achieved

Identification of Next Steps



These are offered as In-Company courses involving some hands-on practice by participants and are therefore normally limited to about 10 participants.
All courses can be customised to suit individual companies requirements.
For further information please contact


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