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Other Courses include: -


Internal Auditing per ISO9001 (2000) - 2 Day

Upgrading to ISO9000 (2000) - 1 Day

Project Management - 1 Day

Internal Auditing per ISO9001 (2000)

2 Day

ISO 9001:2000 represents a considerable improvement to the standard, using a process-based approach and with a much greater focus on both customer satisfaction. Therefore, internal auditors must be able to effectively plan and conduct internal audits, verify both the adequacy of procedures, and compliance to them, verify effectiveness of the processes and display appropriate interpersonal skills.

Contents of the program include: -

Basic Structure of ISO9001:2000

Planning audits; vertical & horizontal; 1st, 2nd & 3rd party

Audit checklists

Opening & closing meetings
Conducting audits; people skills, recording your findings
Non-conformances, Major, Minor, Observations
Corrective Actions
Brief overview of other standards including QS9000, TS16949, AS9000


Upgrading to ISO9000 (2000)

1 Day

Over the past 10 years, ISO 9000 has established itself as the basic international Quality System Standard. A variety of improvements have now been included in the standard primarily focusing on process control and continuous improvement. Companies currently registered to ISO 9000 are expected to upgrade to the new requirements.

Contents of the programme include: -

Scope and Intent of the Revised Standard

Gap Analysis Vis Vis Your Existing System

Timescale of Implementation


Project Management

1 Day

Managing the successful implementation of a specific project within both budget and timescale requires some different skills to on-going management of a function. Such projects can range from equipment installation or a significant new product introduction to a new HR initiative.

Contents of the programme include: -

Project Definition

Relationships Between Tasks

Using Software Tools

Contingency Planning



These are offered as In-Company courses involving some hands-on practice by participants and are therefore normally limited to about 10 participants.
All courses can be customised to suit individual companies requirements.
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