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Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing Channel GraphManufacturing problems are often hidden under excessive Inventory.

Lean Manufacturing reduces inventory and exposes key manufacturing problems

Use 6 Sigma tools to analyse and fix process variability problems.


Rapid Flow GraphThe ' Lean Tools'
(SMED, TPM, Standard Work, 5S)
reduce set-ups,
improve machine uptime.

Resulting in: -

Faster Throughput,
Improved Productivity
Improved Quality

Consultancy Services

Management Overview

Management Overview ensures that the company leadership understands the Principles and Benefits of Lean manufacturing, and also understands the wider climate for Continuous Improvement that must be created.

It covers: -

Review of Company Goals & Performance
Training in Lean Principles and Tools
Implementation Issues
Planning & Communications for Successful Launch

Baseline & Vision Event

The purpose of the Baseline & Vision activity is to: -

clearly understand the current state of the business,
crystalise the vision for the business,
identify the extent of the opportunity for improvement and
to generate a prioritised improvement plan.

Separate cross-functional teams conduct Business Analysis, Product analysis and Functional Analysis.

Typical Kaizen Breakthrough Event

A breakthrough event is an intensive shopfloor workshop during which actual improvements are carried out in the setup, layout, sequence and/or support of manufacturing operations.
The Kaizen team is made up of a cross-section of employees, including operators and support staff.

Day 1 -

Train Team in Lean Principles and Tools and Collect Data

Day 2 -

Analyse Data, Develop Improved Process

Day 3 -

Implement Improved Process

Day 4 -

Run and Adjust Improved Process

Day 5 -

Collect Data and Present Results to Colleagues

The benefits include: -

Improved productivity,
Quicker leadtime,
Improved quality
Reduced floorspace

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